Medallion Hunt

Schedule for Clues for the 2018 Medallion Hunt!

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Rule 1: If you find the Medallion, return it to the Parks and Recreation Department, Mon. - Fri., 8:30AM - 5:00PM to claim your prizes.

Rule 2: Acting agents of the La Crosse Parks and Recreation Department are not eligible.

Rule 3: The Medallion will not be found on private property and will not require climbing.

Rule 4: Winners may be utilized for media purposes.

Rule 5: If you have any questions regarding the hunt, please us at call (608) 789-7533.

Clue 1:

Winter RecFest 2018 is set to begin
With lots of activities for the athletic and wise.
First up is the annual medallion hunt.
Find the flake and claim a really nice prize.

Clue 2:

Rules to be seen. Please don't break the law.
There are plenty of places to park.
You are just astray if you search by homes
And avoid any private yard in the daytime or dark.

Clue 3:

Like many public places, there is a front and a back,
But in this case, I'd focus on a side location.
European warriors add a historical slant.
Plus, there's a glimpse of an educational vocation.

Clue 4:

This can read like a Treasure Island plot
Except the financial reward is not gold.
But there's success in relating to the name, Pierre,
With the reference to see in warmth and cold.

Clue 5:

Don't bother with the bluff!
Stay away from the far south or north this year.
When hunting alone or in a group,
You can take a break and sip a beer.

Clue 6:

An Elton John song with a touch of blues
And a definition of one first to settle.
A place described as something other than old.
Plus circles on top of something metal.

Clue 7:

You should see something round and red,
A distinctive square and layers there to park it.
You'll find three digits that add up to eleven.
And a child's learning trip to the market.

This clue has not been revealed yet.

This clue has not been revealed yet.

This clue has not been revealed yet.

#1 - Jan. 17

#2 - Jan. 18

#3 - Jan. 19

#4 - Jan. 20

#5 - Jan. 21

#6 - Jan. 22

#7 - Jan. 23

#8 - Jan. 24

#9 - Jan. 25

#10 - Jan. 26

Medallion Hunt!

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